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Francesco Simoni e Alberto Agnelli

Francesco Simoni

With a Master’s Degree in Philosophy at the University of Milan, and a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at the University of Pavia, he specialised in Counseling and Organisational Development through a postgraduate degree at the Psychosocioanalysis School ARIELE in Milan.

His work practice taught him how important it is to understand, when trying to “make” an organisation, the actual everyday experience of the people. That allows grasping the underlining behaviours, emotions, and ideas that constantly flow around in the life of a company and are essential to its results.

During the years, also through a curious and good-natured dialogue with several teacher-colleagues in psychosocioanalysis, Francesco veered towards the organisational development of a set of qualities that can be very valuable for the new challenges of our time: a capability for reflection, accountability, and systemic orientation.

Alberto Agnelli

After studying Sociology, Alberto specialised in Transactional Analysis for Organisations both in Italy and abroad (Centro Berne, Milan and TA Works, Oxford, UK); in Bioenergetics (IPSO, Istituto di Psicologia Somato-relazionale); and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (INLPTA, International NLP Trainers Association). He is a member of Assocounseling with the title of Professional Counselor.

The changes that happened in the last ten years, with the surfacing of new needs by individuals and groups, prompted him to increase his level of integration with his Clients. Alberto favors a systematical action of listening and giving value to the experiences and the resources already existent in each environment.

Alberto is the creator of original training formats. According to the Client’s different goals, his programmes use metaphors and ideas taken from Argentinean Tango, Mindfulness, and Martial Arts.

Giuseppe Rangone

Giuseppe Rangone

"Bocconiano" by choice and a scholar of human dynamics for passion, has developed his own path aiming to integrate these two "souls": the objectives of effectiveness and efficiency of complex organisations, together with the human and professional development of the people and teams involved.

Giuseppe has worked in worldwide companies in which he has learned to connect the needs of the profitable business to the solutions of organisational development, training and research and selection.

A subsequent and long engagement in national and international consultancy firms has led him to get to know the specifics of people management in the finance, banking, insurance and automotive markets.



We work with a group of professionals, who are experts in different areas: Personnel Management, Sales Management, Training and Organisation.


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