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The “slow factory”: the Bonottos’ revolution

Broadcasted by RAI TRE and available on the website www.raiplay.it, Domenico Iannacone report presented with great urgency the scope of the contemporary industrial crisis. The journalist gave voice to the stories of the entrepreneur from Veneto who passed away, their dismantled industrial sheds, their families’ grief.

At minute 29.00, though, we are the witness of the appearing of a possible revolution, right in the North-eastern part of the province of Vicenza. "The slow factory" created by the Bonotto brothers, unconventionally brilliant businessmen. They were able to reinvent their business model to tackle the crisis of the textile industry and successfully launch again on the international markets their very high-quality production.

A "factory made of people, like a Renaissance workshop" that managed to go back to the roots of the “made in Italy” brand to reinvent itself. Using creativity and courage, the Bonottos gave value back to the product and allowed the workers in their company to have a hope in beauty. They invited painters and sculptors to create their works of art inside their factory: "art in our factory, as an engine for our factory." So, the works of art become a mirror to the products of industrial work.

These are striking images, a series of TV marks of a possible present.

Francesco Simoni