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A Training Bricolage for an HQ Team

Our Client’s initial request set a very tangible goal for a 32-strong team of assistants to sales’ support in a national network of branches: they wanted an improvement of a set of communication abilities in their relations with internal and external customers.

In our analysis of their request, and through a constant interchange of ideas with the managers of the team and their internal training area, we fine-tuned our attention to the complex action system that we needed to work with.

This way, we were able to put aside the idea of a predefined, detailed and fixed a priori project. We suggested another approach: something different from the traditional process of trying to identify a lack in a behavior, or an ability that needed rounding off.

In our meetings, while the project was developing, we tried to ascertain and use the new, unpredictable things that happened constantly. We then redefined the content and even the initial conditions themselves all the time. In a fluid exploratory process, we found specific opportunities for a reconfiguration of the relational style in the group, among colleagues and with senior figures. That was a necessary step to allow learning a new way of communication with “external” subjects.

The results – that the Client welcomed with satisfaction – were a reinforcement of internal bonds and the practical implementation of new ideas. This way, the “HQ” team gained a new image as a trustable consultant for the company’s branches.
Avoiding fixed, rigid, and preordained plans of action – using the open metaphor of a training “bricolage”  – we were able to begin an activity of “team coaching”. And that helped each member of the team to rediscover the value of their role in the company and their relationship with the colleagues.

Francesco Simoni