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Tavolo Sedie


In a workgroup, the capability to integrate, the value of collective results and the quality of employee satisfaction, are all factors dependant on a specific group competence.

We foster this competence, giving attention to the opportunities for a positive elaboration of conflict. That is the main path to generate shared responsibilities, creativity, and a will to collaborate and compete fairly.


We offer most appropriate of the following tools for existing groups, as well as for ad hoc groups, or groups still at their initial stage:

Action Learning - An inter-functional problem-solving process for high talent individuals and key people, to be used in environments with a high organisational complexity

Tango.com ® - Revolving around the metaphor of the Argentinean Tango, this is an experiential laboratory for the development of relationships

Team Coaching - A path of group supervision aimed at analysing critical work experiences and acquiring shared strategies

Team Development - Used within an assessment process, it is a laboratory of customised training

Group Consultancy - This tool is reserved for already consolidated workgroups, to improve their problem-solving and decision-making processes