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Empowering people
for better organisations

We are a team of professionals
who engage in the development
of individuals, groups, and companies

Siamo uno studio di professionisti
impegnati nello sviluppo delle persone,
dei gruppi, delle aziende

Our starting point is the uniqueness of each Client, their culture, their goals

Futuro, presente, passato


The most valuable resource in a company’s business is the energy of the people who work, and dream in it. We give our best effort to make this kind of energy surface, help people develop responsibility and empower the growth of new attitudes to action.


We approach each of our Clients with respect and curiosity, listening to their needs. We share an action plan and build measurable solutions, tailored to the Client’s individual goals.
We passionately take care of the projects that allow Clients to achieve their ambitions.


We induce new points of view, make connections easier, create the conditions for learning to take place. This way, we help organisations to empower their employees and enable them to face uncertainty, adapt to change and shape their future.

Our activities

Dagen H


What happens when change begins to take place in an organisation? How can we process the inevitable apprehensions? How can we accept and manage uncertainty? How can we spark the highest level of mobilization?

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Table & Chairs


How do the dynamics that animate an efficient workgroup, and sustain it over time, operate? How can we reignite vitality in a permanent group? What individual qualities do we need to foster?

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When is it useful to involve an individual in a personal development path? How can we choose the best tool for that? How can we activate their whole (even the latent) potential? How can we gauge results?

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At which point does training go beyond the goal of delegate appreciation, to effectively achieve an operational success? How can we build a training program that is generous towards participants, and at the same time powerful in its organisational and business impact?

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Studio Cometis


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